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Virtual currency is part of the present, but with it comes the need to “keep your wallet clean.”
The high-volume Polygon Mixer’s protects your identity by providing a premium quality mixture perfect for cleaning your coins.

Why should I mix my coins❓

“Privacy is one of the most important things today, I don't want any targeted government organization tracking what I do with my cryptocurrency”

- Patrick



[Easy to use]

One-click random delay and random transaction buttons enable simple, fast and secure Polygon cleaning.
Choose your own transaction fees Standard 0.17% Minimum security, longer blockchain confirmation or Premium from 2.10% Maximum security, much faster blockchain confirmation.
Set default pool exit times 0 hours 0 minutes immediate to 50 hours 00 minutes offset.
Tell us the address you want the Polygons sent to, we'll give you an address to send them to.
Send 1 transaction between 20 MATIC and 150000 MATIC.



[Cleans the coins instantly]

After the transaction you send to Polygon Mixer has 1 confirmations, the coins will be cleaned and sent back to you with 1 transaction.



[No-Logs, No account needed]

This means no registration, no email, no password, no KYC verification and no link to you (even your online identity).
Polygon Mixer does not record any information, does not collect any IP addresses, does not collect the time and date of the visit, does not collect the pages visited, does not collect the material you use as well as the browser.
The only proof of our work is our signed PGP letter of guarantee which you must keep.

For added security and to prevent your ISP Service Provider from tracking what you do on the Internet as well as recording your browser's cache, we recommend using :

mullvad      tor